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We drive real-time sales for your business by enabling you to broadcast offers to our dynamic user database. Leveraging advanced Geofencing technology, our app precisely targets users within a specific radius of your business. This strategic approach helps attract customers during slow periods, capitalize on openings, and optimize excess inventory. It's the power of precision, delivering results exactly when and where you need them.

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Join OUR Beta (It's free)

Fill demand in real time.  Build your business, brand and connect with more customers! 

Thank you for joining our beta!

Benefits of Joining:

  1. Real-Time Demand Fulfillment: Utilize directed messaging to instantly communicate with customers, allowing you to meet real-time demand and offer timely promotions or updates about your business.

  2. Local-Focused Marketing: Access marketing strategies tailored for local audiences, enhancing your business's appeal in the community.

  3. Enhanced Community Connection: Strengthen ties with the local community, showcasing your business's unique contributions and building lasting customer relationships.

  4. Digital Visibility in Local Markets: Boost your online presence in local searches, making it easier for community members to find and engage with your business.

  5. Collaboration and Networking: Connect with other local businesses for collaborative opportunities and shared initiatives, fostering mutual growth and support.

  6. Participation in Community Events: Gain exclusive access to local events and fairs, increasing brand exposure and customer interaction opportunities.

  7. Promotional Campaigns and Deals: Benefit from being featured in local promotional campaigns, attracting more customers with tailored deals and offers.

  8. Customizable Business Profiles: Create a unique and customizable profile on the We Heart Local platform to distinctively showcase your business.

  9. Contribution to Local Economy: Play a key role in strengthening the local economy, reinforcing the importance of local businesses in the community.

  10. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Practices: Align with a network that values sustainability, attracting environmentally conscious consumers and reinforcing your commitment to ethical practices.

Case Study


You own a windsurf rental shop and it's 2PM on a Saturday and a group of 3 customers just cancelled their order.  You get to keep 10% as a deposit, but you now have 3 windsurf boards sitting idle on a prime day and an instructor you pay $75 an hour to teach sitting around the shop.  


We Heart Local - Geofencing App

Post an add using Geofencing technology to target customers in your area open to offers now and fill those empty spots immediately.  

Booked inventory!

Your 3 empty boards just got booked and your instructor is back to work and best of all people in your community are having fun!

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